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CPB 25 Convection Powder Brake

Data Sheet
Magtrol’s Convection Powder Brakes (CPB series) are ideal for applications operating in the low-to-middle speed range or middle-to-high torque range. Convection powder dynamometer brakes provide full torque at zero speed and are convection cooled, allowing power ratings up to 110 W. A thermostat in the coil shuts off the power at 80 °C in order to protect the brake from overheating.

  • Maximum Torque 25 N·m (18 lb·ft)
  • Braking Power: 110 W
  • Stable Braking Torque, without Shock
  • Low Moment of Inertia
  • Low Residual Torque
  • Operation in Both Rotational Direction
  • Rated Torque Available From 0 rpm
  • Protection against overheating with built-in thermostat
  • Mount with shaft in any orientation
CPB 25
Mounted on test benches, CPB 25 Convection Powder Brakes allow performance and reliability testing on driving elements such as electric motors, hand-held power tools, geared motors, reduction gears and hydraulic transmission systems. Other applications include load simulation for life testing on electric motors, actuators, gearboxes, power steering, and many other rotating devices and assemblies.
Power supply
A constant-current DC power supply is recommended for the best accuracy in open-loop control systems. The Magtrol VM8 Proportional Amplifier/Controller provides current regulation of the brake and regulation of the braking torque via a 10-turn potentiometer. Torque drift, caused by temperature changes within the brake coil, is eliminated with the VM8.

Although intended for coupled service, moderate overhung loads can be tolerated depending on operating characteristics as speed, weight and center of gravity of the load. Care should be taken to ensure proper shaft is alignment. Couplings should be of proper size and flexibility to adequately protect bearings from undue stress and shock loading.

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